Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two New Pines

I didn't really want to use computers for awhile.
PINE started, to my recollection because I came up with the acronym when Andy and I were students together in Ohio. I am good at that kind of stuff. He recently picked the PINE idea back up.
But, he went out on a cruise ship gig again.
The composer John Luther Adams wrote '...Art grounded exclusively in self-expression can indulge our conceit that we stand above and beyond the rest of life, exacerbating our sense of alienation from the earth and other species. Overpopulation, over consumption, pollution, deforestation and widespread extinction, both symptoms and results of this alienation. Perhaps its ultimate manifestation is human-caused climate change.'
Since Andy asked me to write this my eldest Aunt Bridget, whom I lived with years ago when I first moved to New York, had her house destroyed by Sandy.
I took the ferry over a few days after the flood. She lives in the middle of the island and it takes forever. As was walking past a church, I saw Nathan, the van, being driven by Asa, my friend and collaborator with his girlfriend and a bunch of other people I didn't know.
As an introduction I am sharing a recent improvisation called 'bullie blue jay', I don't remember when it was recorded but it was within the last 6 months.
I'm playing a vibraphone, a percussion keyboard instrument, born out of the jazz tradition.
My next musical contribution to the page will be a piece I called 'highland park/forest park' I recorded it in parks in Queens, where I live.

bullie blue jay
highland park/forest park

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